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SINGAPORE YOULOFT TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. was established in 2010, building a mobile Internet technology entrepreneurial accelerator as a breakthrough, consolidating the basis for the development of Internet technology; focusing on enhancing the hatching ability to create a new platform. SINGAPORE YOULOFT TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. has some branches, and the main ones are Calendar Tech, Youqi Tech,Nineton Tech, and some other innovative Internet companies.
Youloft Tech Creativity helps life
Customers first
The founder team
Xianwen | Owen Lin
The chairman of Youloft Tech and CEO of Calendar Tech
Xianwen Lin (English name is Owen Lin) is the Co-founder of Wannianli App and Shuxiangyunji App. Xianwen Lin went to Australia to develop his business at in 2005. Now he has a more than 10-year overseas professional sufferings and enterprise management experience. He started to develop an App named Wannianli in 2010, which utill now has already had the number of users exceeded 300 million. After that he developed another App called Shuxiangyunji , and it has nearly 100 million users now.
Xianwen | Owen Lin
Wuqiang Zuo
The CEO of Youqi Tech
In the early 4 years ,Wuqiang Zuo worked in software design. Then he started the business with Owen in 2010, and worked in mobile Internet App product's development and design. Now the main product of Youqi Technology Co., Ltd. is Shuhxiangyunji ,which is an App used for reading novels. There are about 1 million people using Shuxiangyunji per day, and its product valuation is about 100million RMB. Also, other more products are existed in Youqi Technology Co., Ltd., such as the weather product, game product.
Wuqiang Zuo
Shilong Luo 丨Jason Luo
The COO and CTO of Wannianli
Jason Luo was graduated from Chongqing University in 2011 and majored in information security. He joined in Wannianli in 2010 and witness it's technical system's development. He has 8 years' experience in technology research and development, also he is very good at managing technology research system.
Shilong Luo 丨Jason Luo
Youloft Tech
Calendar(Chongqing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Calendar (Chongqing)Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, and it is a high-tech innovation enterprise which focuses on the research and development of mobile Internet products. The main product is Wannianli App that is a combination of Chinese traditional calendar and weatern Star science. Also it's a heritage of traditional non-material culture, while now it has more than 300 million users.
Youqi(Chongqing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Youqi (Chongqing)Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, and it is a technology innovation company which focuses on mobile Internet product development and operation of science. The main brand product is Shuxiangyunqi App, which is one of the best digital content platforms in China, providing high-quality reading content and intelligent reading experience for 100 million users.
Nineton(Chongqing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Nineton (Chongqing)Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, and it is a high-tech innovation enterprise which focuses on the research and development of mobile Internet products. Its main businesses are : mobile App, mobile advertising platform. The company products serves Tens of millions of users. Additionally it is one of the few mobile Internet companies in Southwest that has millions of users.